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Beaches of Istria

Anyone who has ever been to Istria knows that every beach can be different. Anyone who has been much more often also knows that there are many beaches that you would like to visit or visit again. What I am writing about this time are short descriptions of beaches I have been to and have found myself. Now that we have been living here for a few years, it is a challenge for us to show something new every time friends come.
As a google legacy with 2 million views on my photos and videos in 2018, it is also the challenge for me to put many locations on the map. In addition, I also write reviews with the experiences we have had at that location. This way I and many other readers can read all about it.
Lets start in Northern Istria. We dont come around Umag that much. There will also be a huge change in the coming years. There they will adjust the boulevard so that everyone can drive along the water / beach.
A beach at Umag
This route will be miles long. There was a lot of resistance to this because the parking-free areas were also endangered. The old ports are also likely to disappear. So for this year it is recommended to put these images on your retina.
The boats at Umag


Also with the many beaches a nice area to enjoy the salty water. From city beaches to the recreational area. Here too you have the opportunity to stroll along the water for a long time, enjoy the sun or even a massage.
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Cervar Porat

Not many people know this. The tourists are also starting to find this. We find this beach what I describe very funny and I will explain why. We came here years ago in the preseason. And we did not understand a thing about the ropes, ribbons, and other deposits. This local beach is cleaned by the locals in the preseason. But ... not quite the beach no their own place. A place where tables and chairs go in the weekends and also large BBQs and here the locals celebrate their beach moment in the preseason. There is also a piece of history on this beach. An old ruin in the water that is being investigated by a French institute. This is a sort of bunker in which the fishermen used to put in their live caught fish in order to keep it longer until the moment of sale.
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Matarada (Punta and Sveti Martin)

We often go to Punta Matarada, especially in the preseason when the water is not too hot. This may sound different but after July the underwater life goes to deeper water because of the high water temperature. Sea snails swim here and this is really fascinating to see. This area is the breeding ground for many fish. So here you can also see the young underwater life swimming in large schools. We like to sit here because it also has a cozy restaurant.
Swimming snails
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Sveti Martin against that is super again. In addition to being able to park freely here, this newly constructed beach (2017-2018) is also fun for the children. Some sand, sports equipment and they can also just walk to the restaurant of the marina for an ice cream without losing sight of them. If you walk the other way at +/- 100-150 meters along the road you will come across a cold freshwater spring. Very nice after a hot day at the beach to rinse off the salty water. Of course this can also be done under one of the showers on the beach itself.
Beach Sv. Martin
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Porec city beach

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to name every beach around Porec. But this is very pleasant with small children or with a sun allergy. Here you can enjoy the beach, while you are not directly on the beach but under the very large pine trees. Children can play all day in the playground on this beach. And for the dare devils here is a springboard. you can just climb on it and jump from 2 different heights. Are you tired of the beach then you walk into Porec. Even the disabled have the option to go warmer. There is a special wheelchair and rails that you can use to get into the water. This is at the harbor with restaurants where you park.
Stadstrand Porec
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Beach Polidor

People often want a hip beach. Beach of Camping Polidor is a public beach where everyone can and may come. This beach also has its own access road and is isolated from the beach at camping Polidor. Guests of the campsite are taken back and forth for free with the (blue) train. Other visitors can even board the other train in funtana and then come here. At this beach there is a clear sign with the text
If the music is too loud then your are to old
This also indicates that music is being played here. There is a DJ showing his arts on most days. It can suddenly happen that someone is standing on the roof or walking around and is playing live on an electric violin. Very nice to see. Every day you can expect something here in the summer months. From foam party to live music.
![Foam Party Polidor Beach](foam party-polidor.jpg)
If you do not like the music then go back to funtana there is a new beach with a nice cocktail bar where you can drink anything. Beds and umbrellas can be rented here and at Polidor even 2 person beds with a bottle of champagne. Strand Polidor
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Rovinj Park forest Zlatni

This forest has the most (different) beaches in the region. From rocky beach to gravel and even sandy beach. With the possibility of a walking route of a few kilometers and a large public playground in the middle, this forest is really a relief. Just like on Premantura (kamenjak) you can choose a beach in or out of the wind. With the many tents along the water it is possible to eat or drink something everywhere. If you walk in the direction of Bale / Valle you will arrive at the FKK beach (bare beach as my children call it) But it is better to drive to this part, because then you can (still) park for free.
One of the beaches in RovinjRoute to a walking play forest with many beachesroute to beached beaches with free parking

Cisterna Beach

My children call this the horse beach. Horses are always grazing here. They are just behind a piece of rope. Be careful with children, because they are not always nice. Furthermore, this is a nice secluded beach which is also being found more and more.
![The horse beach](Cisterna-horse beach.jpg)
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Fazana needs no description a very beautiful city beach in a delightful park with all conveniences. And of course Arboretum Pub. Don't you know this? This pub is known for its world beers and its burgers. Here they create fantastic burgers that you can enjoy while enjoying one of the world beers. You can eat this delicious on the garden terrace. The children will certainly find their way here and can possibly enjoy the mini trio of burgers.
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Find Aboretum's burgers and beers here

Beach between Valbandon and Pula

This beach was made on an old industrial site. This water is easy to approach with very fine pebbles. A beautiful beach where you can also park for free and can be seen from the view of the Brijuni islands group.
Beautiful expansive beach
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